Greensforge Sailing Club
Our History and Ethos
Mission Statement:
To offer an affordable and active family sailing club with a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere andencourage competitive but friendly racing.

1958 Greensforge Cruising and yachting Club founded in a pub called "The Navigation" (hence the flag)
alongside the canal at Greensforge near Kingswinford.

Soon after the club moved to a more sailable water at Middle Pool at Pensnett near Dudley.
In 1973/4 Middle Pool was becoming smaller and blanketed due to slag heaps from steelworks so the club
searched for another water, and Calf Heath became available when it was vacated by South Staffs Sailing
Club who moved over to the lake just the other side of the M6 / A5 junction. Most membership travelled
to Calf Heath with the club which by then was a thriving and well respected family club.
New members were then attracted to the club from more northerly parts of Staffordshire. For a long
time the club operated in conjunction with Wolverhampton Schools Education authority who used the club’s
changing facilities for school parties etc. Similarly Stafford sea scouts and Staffs county scouts were
long time members of the club.

Relationships were resumed with youth organisations more recently when Sandewell Sea Cadets and Blackfords Sea Scouts became affiliated members of the club introducing many youngsters to the joys of
sailing. Certainly the groups themselves have enjoyed access to the water and club boats whenever they
want it and we have seen a few hard core youngsters go on to progress to be worryingly good sailors, we
could just do with a few more.

Many previous and present members have progressed to national and international competition in dinghies
of all types, Cruising and Yacht racing in all parts of the world, and in some cases around it.

Club development.
Over the past few years the Club has bought several new club boats, has rebuilt the timing hut, erected
new perimeter fencing along the back of the clubhouse and dinghy park, acquired and fitted out a container for storing club boats and fitted new security shutters in addition to repairing and maintaining other club assets.

In terms of membership the numbers have increased slowly over the past four or five years but we are a
very small club and rely heavily on committed members to get things done so we are always looking for ways of increasing membership. The Open Day always brings in a few new members, word of mouth a few more then others appear like magic out of the ether!